Raising the Sign in Our City

Raising the Sign in Our City

Storyline Future Home SignYou may have seen the new Storyline sign on your morning commute! On the corner of 86th and Indiana sits 11 acres of land now claimed as the future gathering place of Storyline Fellowship. The land is located at the northeast corner of that major intersection, just south of Whisper Creek and adjacent to Five Parks.

A few of us prayed over the land recently and raised up the sign. Our hearts were full as we silently announced to our city that we’re laying down roots and taking steps toward a more permanent church home. Of course, the kingdom of God is not a matter of signs, or soil, or buildings. These items are simply tools.

The kingdom of God is not about buildings, but about human beings—families, marriages, lives, societies, and cities transformed by the message of God’s love. Jesus declared that He had come to make all things new, that He would do his best work through me and you.

As we watch the brokenness of humanity play out on our television screens—a thousand African Americans standing on the I-40 bridge in Memphis declaring “Black Lives Matter,” a mass killing in France as a man rents a refrigerator truck as a battering ram in order to take 84 lives—we long to see God restore and renew our city and world. This is a fallen place, and our cities bleed with pain.

And yet, in the midst of the madness, we hear Jesus declaring “I have come to make all things new. I plan to work through you.”

The local church is the lighthouse and hope for the world. As Storyline Fellowship lays down roots in this city, may the Spirit of God be among us to see many lives transformed by the Gospel—many lives changed for good.