Reflecting on our First Year

By Rob Simpson

Reflecting on our First Year


This verse has become my theme, a truth I can hold tight to!

Genesis 35:3b – “He has been with me everywhere I have gone.”

In my Life Journaling a few weeks ago, the Lord gave me this verse, and I scribbled it down on an orange sticky note. I hung it on my bathroom mirror where it has greeted me each morning as I brush my teeth. As I reflect on Storyline’s first year and my own journey to get here, I can think of no greater theme.

He is with me.

In October of 2013, when Katy and I began to explore the call to join the Mandrells in Arvada, God was with us. He made our path straight providing just what we needed, right when we needed it. We came out to visit Arvada, and had an Elijah moment, where God spoke to us very clearly—not in the thunder or the fire or the wind, but in a soft whisper. We knew we should go, and that He would be with us. So we packed what we could, sold the rest, and hit the road. Then we spent 6 months here alone. There were days we were certain that if we died, no one would know. Storyline was still just a twinkle in the eye of a small group of people.


My Life Journal page from 1/14/16, an example of the SOAP method we are recommending.

But He was with us.

Summer 2014 rolled around, and things began to pick up speed. Ben and Lynley and their kids arrived, and people were constantly visiting to see how they could be a part of Storyline. Our team was growing faster than we could count, and He was with us.

By the time we reached our launch day in February of 2015, His hand was unmistakable. Our team had grown and we were finding our place in the community. As Katy and I stood in the doorway of the gym at West Woods Elementary, we worshiped and wept at the goodness of God. He was with us still.

In December of 2015, we sent out 10,000 mailers (maybe you received one!) before Christmas declaring that truth again. God is with us! Jesus came to earth so that we could know for certain, in moments of uncertainty and in moments of great joy, He is with us!