Remembering 9/11 This Sunday

Remembering 9/11 This Sunday

I was a 25-year old campus minister, playing ping pong with a few college kids. As we were cutting up and talking trash, the television in the corner displayed a mysterious plane flying into a Tower. The news anchor explained how tragic and odd this was—that authorities were baffled by what happened in New York City.

And then the second plane hit.

From that moment on, we watched in horror as massive buildings crumbled, along with our hopes for utopia. The war on terror was officially inaugurated and continues to surge to this day.

This Sunday at Storyline, we will set aside some time in our services to remember those brave souls who ran in to rescue, to recognize our nation’s need for Divine protection, and to pray toward that end in which Christmas angels sang: for Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.

If you have a moment, read this short article on how we can call think biblically about 9/11 this week. These are helpful and hopeful truths by a fellow pastor in Chicago:

How Should We Remember 9/11? by Dan Darling