@Home Resources

Equipping For Discipleship

We want Storyline@Home to be an incredible experience for you and your family. That is why we’ve created several new resources that will help you develop new rhythms for discipleship and growth in your own home. The resources below are updated each week!

Worshipping @Home

As you gather for worship on Sundays, here are three important practices to making your @Home worship experience as helpful as possible.


Grab your Bible and a journal. Choose your spot to watch the service. Put away distractions and get ready to be fully engaged.


Ask the Lord to prepare your heart and mind to hear from Him.


When the service starts, be a part of it! Sing, turn to the passage, take notes. Be ready to apply what the Lord puts on your heart.


Weekly Reflection Guide

We’ve created a reflection guide for adults, guiding you through several specific questions that relate to the sermon passage. We hope this will help you take your personal growth to the next level!

Weekly Prayer Guide

Use this Daily Prayer Guide to focus your prayer time throughout the week. Each day, we will pray together around a specific emphasis, and will watch expectantly for what God will do!


Family Discussion Guide

We’ve created a weekly guide for families, enabling you to have conversations with your children about how to apply the sermon passage in your home and daily lives. Our prayer is that this will be a meaningful discipleship tool.

Monthly Memory Verse Challenge

For the Fall, we will be memorizing Colossians 1:15. Here is a video to help you learn and apply this verse.

Sermon Note Guide

This guide can be used by kids to help them take notes during worship and the sermon.