Sponsor a Week of Worship

Sponsor a Week of Worship

I’m Humiliated, and Invigorated, By Fundraising.

Fundraising is an absolute necessity in my world of church planting. When I stepped away from a large church with a large budget, with a call to start a church from scratch, I felt a knot forming in my throat when pondering the notion of asking my friends for money. It is, after all, humbling to admit that you’re broke and desperate.

And yet, I have discovered that fundraising always fills my tank with unexpected joys as loved ones and friends contribute sacrificially to the cause. I can’t even tell you what it means to Lynley and I when Storyline Fellowship receives a gift from our former church or from friends in other parts of the country. It’s like God screaming in our ears, “I’m sending reinforcements! Hold on!”

Our Present Predicament

We are quickly outgrowing our space at Ralston Valley High SchoolStoryline Fellowship launched with a bang in 2015, and has grown to a weekly average attendance of 500. Rushing out of the gates with gusto has been an unexpected blessing, but has also created unforeseen pressure on our leaders. We struggle to multiply our volunteer base as well as our financial base.

According to our most recent research, about 25% of Storyline attenders have given at least one dollar to the church. That means 75% of our base has not yet joined the tithing, or even tipping, group. Denver, Colorado, is not a place where people have been used to setting aside a portion of their income for kingdom causes.

Much patience required. And faith.

How You Can Make A Huge Difference:
The Sponsor-A-Week-of-Worship Program

Storyline Fellowship gathers on Sunday at Ralston Valley High School. We rent the cafeteria and about ten classrooms for roughly $1000/week. These worship gatherings are the front-door and the fuel for our ministry. God is working mightily through the Word here!

My “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” for the next few weeks, is to raise enough money to alleviate some pressure from our 2016 budget. I’m praying that God would send 52 people that would sacrifice $1000 to come to our rescue. These resources from outside our church would “pay the rent” so that our internal dollars can be used for people-oriented ministry.

Would you consider a year-end gift to Storyline Fellowship? If $1000 sounds too steep, a smaller amount is greatly appreciated also! Our church doesn’t have offices, but our P.O. Box address is: Storyline Fellowship, 15400 W. 64th Ave, 9E-14, Arvada, CO 80007.

Hoping that the Mandrell family has “revival at the mailbox” in the weeks to come. Thanks for considering, and praying, and encouraging us in this church planting adventure.