Storyline Core Values: Teamwork

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Storyline Core Values: Teamwork

Deep inside every one of us is the desire to know the reason for our existence. It’s why Rick Warren has sold more than 30 million copies of his book, The Purpose Driven Life, and the reason it is the second most translated book in the world after the Bible. People everywhere are asking the age-old question: “Why am I here?”

God has uniquely created and assigned every one of us to be and to do something for Him. He designed people individually with specific purposes in mind. Not only is God not hiding His purpose from us, He wants us to discover it even more than we do! And when we discover how God has hard-wired us, we can allow Him to bring out the best in us, which enables us to bring out the best in others.

This is what teamwork looks like at its best. What God made me to be determines what He intends for me to do. I can better understand the purpose for which I was created when I first understand the kind of person I am. Successful teamwork requires each person to not only know and understand their role, but to be in the right role so that everyone benefits.

At Storyline, we function much better under the framework of a team. The Bible illustrates this point by comparing the church to a human body. It is made up of different parts, and each part is unique in its function and design. Likewise, no part can say to the other, “I don’t need you.” Each is dependent on the other to function properly as a whole. We believe the “body” of Storyline is not fully complete or even functioning properly until each person is doing what God designed them to do. Each of us must discover what that looks like for ourselves so that the we can all can be a better us, while building and improving the team as a whole.

We want to help you find your place. We want to equip you to use your gift sets, talents and abilities, your strengths and your passions…all colliding together in your sweet spot. We are committed to helping you do just that!

Editor’s note: This is the third post in a four-part series highlighting the four core values of Storyline Fellowship: Relational Evangelism, Authentic Community, Intentional Bible Training and Teamwork. Join us each Thursday here on the blog as we unpack these topics with our staff.