Storyline: Living On Mission

Storyline: Living On Mission

At the heart of the New Testament is something called the Great Commission. You might call it “the Enormous Sending.” After rising from the dead, Jesus commanded his leaders: “Go out into the world and tell them what’s taken place!” Show and tell that the grace of God has arrived for sinners.

At Storyline, we say it like this: “missions is across the street and across the sea.”

Storyline Care packagesMissions Across the Street

Last week, our 200 kids hanging in the math department were assembling these amazing snack bags for Lawrence Elementary school children. Many kids at that school will go home for the holiday break uncertain if they will eat. Their families are below the poverty line and food is hard to find. Our kids assembled 120 snack bags that were delivered this week. They also assembled 30 blessing bags for homeless people and 25 thank-you bags to postal workers.

Missions is across the street. You don’t have to travel far to find a person who needs to know they are loved.

Missions Across the Sea
And yet, as the video below so beautifully illustrates, there are large portions of this planet where the people have no idea that grace has arrived. They have never heard the name of Jesus, and they have no idea what Christmas and Easter are about. Jesus calls us to go and tell, and to support those full-time missionaries around the world that are called to live among these peoples and to share this Gospel.

Each year at Christmas time, Storyline takes up a special offering and then gives it all away to those in need. Some of it is used to buy the snacks for hungry kids here in our own city, some of it is used to start brand new churches that will share Christ in their communities, some of it is used to support missionaries around the globe.

This year, we hope you will hang an extra stocking on your mantle—this one not for the getting, but for the giving. Check out this video that shows the beauty of Southeast Asia, and illustrates the need for the message of grace through Jesus.

Southeast Asia | 11 Countries from IMB on Vimeo.