Surviving Leviticus: Don’t Give Up on Life Journaling

Surviving Leviticus: Don’t Give Up on Life Journaling

Word from the Pastor blog - Ben Mandrell - Storyline FellowshipAt the start of the year, I challenged Storyline to read through the Scriptures in a systematic way. Through a method called “Life Journaling,” we read a portion of Scripture each day and take some time to write down observations, applications, and a prayer. The process itself is simple, but the Bible passages can be quite difficult.

This week, I received a text from a church member that said: “This holy habit just got a tad harder…LEVITICUS!” I smiled and understood. I couldn’t help but agree.

I would like to offer a few tips for staying true to the Life Journal practice, even when wading through tough sections of Scripture.

Tips For Sticking With Life Journaling

1. The goal is not to “get through the reading” but to “get a good word from God.”

Don’t feel like finishing the passage is the prize. It’s entirely possible to read every word and walk away with nothing. Before you begin your Life Journaling for the day, pause and ask the Lord to give you at least one nugget of truth to carry along for your day. In this way, you “lean not on your own understanding.” And that makes God smile. That’s the goal.

2. It’s ok to skim some sections.

I know it feels like cheating, but I’ve gotten over that. Though I want my eyes to run over the Scriptural passage for the day, I’m hunting for my significant moment when I Life Journal. Depending on the day and my energy meter, I may skip lists of names, places, genealogies…etc. I may move right ahead and see what’s next. Again, I’m searching for something to take with me.

3. On some days, be happy with the New Testament portion.

Let’s face it. Life happens. Some days I feel hurried, rushed, or exhausted. I just don’t feel up to the full portion of the reading. On those days, I dip into the New Testament passage and enjoy a smaller meal. I don’t feel condemned for missing the Old Testament; I feel encouraged I was able to get into the Word.

Aim for 7 days, hit 5. If you accomplish that, over the course of the year, you’ll write down 250+ verses that God revealed to you.

That sounds like progress to me.