Teamwork in Missions

Praying Through Our International Strategy in 2016

Teamwork in Missions

Word from the Pastor blog - Ben Mandrell - Storyline FellowshipOne of our core values at Storyline is teamwork. We believe that we can get more done together than we could ever accomplish alone. For this reason, we build teams and we challenge our folks to find their place in a front line of ministry.

In the same way, Storyline Fellowship strives to work well with others in the Great Commission cause. We see it as wise to team up with other churches to reach this world, rather than resting entirely on our own resources and wisdom.

In 2016, the Lord is leading us to pray diligently about the places and partners we will pursue in international missions. I want to invite you to join us. We believe that God is giving us bread crumbs and leading us down a trail to particular places and unreached peoples.

While we are keeping an open mind for our missions assignment, we are committed to working with the International Mission Board, which funds over 4000 missionaries across the world, and empowers churches to maximize their missions effort.

Take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the IMB website,, and add our missions focus to your prayer list. In the coming years, we long to become a multiplying church—both here and overseas. Will you join us?