God's Written Word

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God's Written Word

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We are serious about training people to read, understand and apply the Bible to their daily lives.

Just about every American would fight to the death for the right to vote, and yet, a vast number of U.S. citizens never bother the ballot box. Believing and doing are two separate things.

Most Christians are Bible-believing folk, but sadly, a fraction actually take up and read it on a regular basis, allowing the inspired words to shape their character and inform their conscience. At Storyline, we believe that the Bible is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. When applied, the Word has the potency to radically change our lives and even alter our lives – of this great adventure God has invited us into. It our light along the way when our path, our surroundings, and even our destination seem unclear.

Because we have such a high view of God’s written Word, the Storyline community invests heavy energy in learning and teaching the skills required for each of us to confidently read the Bible, allowing its truths to dwell in our hearts richly. There are several simple methods for interpreting the Bible, maintaining a growing relationship with Jesus, leading a family faith talk, or discerning the difference between a smooth communicator and a solid preacher. Many are overwhelmed and under educated in some or all of these areas of their faiths. The good news is, with a few helps, any person can begin developing the skills for effective Bible study and spiritual growth!

ex·pos·i·to·ry [ik-spoz-i-tohr-ee]

Expository preaching is a unique form of biblical preaching and an important part of how we approach Bible-learning at Storyline. Ben is an expository preacher, and we think you might like to understand what in the world that is! It works like this: He reads a reasonable chunk of Scripture and works to “expose” its full meaning throughout the sermon. He reads the text out loud and explains the “Who? What? When? Where? Why?” of its writing. As he moves into the meat of the message, the main ideas of the passage naturally become the main ideas of the sermon. He values and is faithful to the original meaning of the text. If this sounds a little boring – like a stale, running commentary of the text – we want to assure you that it is not! Instead, because of the way God has bent him towards creativity and enthusiasm when conveying His Truth, Ben presents modern ways of applying Scripture and putting these truths into real-life practice.

So, why do we believe expository preaching is essential to the life of the local church? Because it amplifies the voice of God rather than Ben’s persona. As we sit under this style of clear preaching week by week, we are shown how to do effective Bible study on our own and we develop a full-bodied, biblical worldview!

Click here for a sample of Ben’s expository preaching style.