The Psalms Project


from sorrow to praise

by Seth Rodriquez

Psalm 150 is the perfect psalm to read when life is going great. In six short verses, we are called to “Praise the Lord” no less than thirteen times! It is a flood of excitement and praise! But what about when you’re struggling? When you’re experiencing trials, a psalm like this can feel like salt in a wound. What if you don’t feel like praising God? Is that OK? Or do you need to put on a fake smile and pretend? The answer becomes clear when you look at the entire book of Psalms and where Psalm 150 fits into that collection.


treasure & delight

by Adam Wiggins

The Psalmist describes Scripture as delightful as honey on his lips. In Psalm 119, we learn what it means to treasure Scripture and enjoy it, to meditate on it and delight in it. This week, I want to talk about how I’ve learned to meditate on Scripture in a meaningful, memorable way.


He answered them

by Seth Rodriquez

Have you ever felt powerless? Like the troubles of this world were going to overwhelm you? Psalm 99 gives us hope by declaring a remarkable truth: The all-powerful King of the Universe hears our prayers and answers us. Let’s dive deeper into this encouraging psalm.


satisfy us

by Lindsay Acocella

Moses doesn’t describe here a flippant assumption that God will take care of him. This joy and gladness come from a deep conviction that God will do as He says and be who He’s promised. When we know this and rest on this, He alone receives our focus. And when my focus is on God, I am satisfied and joyful, knowing that my joy and sustenance does not depend on me.


bold prayers

by Adam Wiggins

What are the bold prayers you are asking God for? Those impossible things that will only happen if He does them? As we reflect more on Psalm 80, let’s think about praying bold prayers. Only God can move the mountains of our lives because only He is bigger than the mountains.


thanks & praise

by Lindsay Acocella

The response to good times? Thanks and praise. The response to rough times? Thanks and praise. And beyond just an internal attitude, this kind of response impacts generations to come, as we talk about and live out our faith in the God who is worthy of thanks and praise. We tell about Him and how He is at work, and that kind of faith is contagious to those who come behind.


true thirst

by Adam Wiggins

When were you last thirsty for God? I mean truly thirsty, when you craved time in God’s presence and needed nothing else.

The beauty of this Psalm is found in the conviction of the writer. He is absolutely convinced that nothing can satisfy his thirst or fill his soul except one thing: God Himself.


present with us.

by Lindsay Acocella

What does your everyday faith stand on? “Be still,” writes the Psalmist, “and know that I am God.” It’s a two-part command, not simply one or the other, or occasionally both if I can manage it. There are two parts to this single step of obedience; the two strong legs on which my everyday faith can stand.


He answered.

by Adam Wiggins

Do you ever have those moments in life when you feel distant from God, as though you’re in a dead spot with no cell reception? What does it mean to seek the Lord? How can we do that in our lives?

Here are a few, doable ways to seek the Lord and “taste and see that the Lord is good” for yourself.