We’re Throwing a Baby Shower

We’re Throwing a Baby Shower

When parents welcome a new baby into their home, it’s a common tradition for friends and family to gather and shower them with gifts and supplies needed to care for the baby. One of the kindest things our sending church did for us when Storyline was “born” was throwing a virtual baby shower to provide some of the physical needs we had for starting a church. Members of First Baptist Orlando and people from other supporting churches logged on to Amazon.com, picked out a few things that fit their budget, and shipped them here so that we could have all that we needed for our first days as a church. Each time a coffee pot, baby swing or kids chair arrived, we would jump for joy that there was one less thing on our list to buy before launch day!

As we look ahead to the launch of Journey Point, Storyline is looking to pay it forward with a “baby shower” for our first resident, Chris Phillips. We know from experience the high costs associated with planting a church, and we also know the blessing of giving outside of ourselves to encourage someone who is just starting out.

Why don’t we just give them some cash?

Everyone loves to receive a crisp $20 bill or even a gift card, but there is something special about giving a gift that you picked out yourself. Giving to Journey Point through a baby shower gives you a tangible item to point to and say “I gave that.” And here’s the best part: whether you can afford to give a little or a lot, Chris and his team have a whole range of needs that you can meet!

Give to Journey Point.

Baby shower information is available at JourneyPoint.org

Got questions? Email Chris@JourneyPoint.org