Top Serving Needs – Easter Edition

Give us one day—serve on Easter

Top Serving Needs – Easter Edition

Give us one day.

Easter is approaching quickly, and there are still some volunteer slots we need to fill. We’re expecting to see bigger-than-ever crowds, and we want to be sure every ministry area is well-stocked with plenty of volunteers to serve guests on April 1. Here are some ways you can serve:

Easter Attendance Projection

*2018 Easter Attendance Projection based on a 20% year over year growth track.

In our Storyland Kids Ministry:

  • Check-in Volunteers – Larger crowds and a plan for dividing preschool and elementary kids will require additional assistance helping parents print security tags upon arrival.
  • Kids Rally Helpers (K-4th) – We’re planning a high-energy worship time for kids, and will need support in the cafeteria to oversee some of the activities.
  • Assistant Teachers – April is a five-Sunday month, and our existing volunteer pool is stretched thin. We need more volunteers to serve in a classroom with preschoolers or Bridge students on Easter.
  • Children’s Greeters – We’re expecting to see a large number of first-time guest families. We need people to help guide them to the right classrooms.
  • Floaters – As always, it is incredibly helpful to have people who are willing to say, “Put me where you need me.”


On our Hospitality team:

  • First-time Guest Greeters – We need volunteers to keep an eye out for visitors and help us to point them in the right direction.
  • General Greeters – If you’re outgoing and friendly, you could help us to welcome people and hand out worship guides.
  • Worship Room Servers – We need help with simple things like passing offering baskets.


On our Teardown team:

  • Teardown Volunteers – We will set up in advance, but will need volunteers to help us strike all of our equipment after our last service.


If one of these sounds like a fit for you, email us at