Update #3: Search Team Found

Update #3: Search Team Found

It was very encouraging to receive nominations for more than 30 people from our fellowship to serve on our Lead Pastor search team! While this number of nominees made it a bit challenging for us to select who should represent the congregation in this effort, it also is exciting to see such a sizeable number of qualified and dedicated folks to step up to this important task.

We have prayed about the makeup of this team, the individuals that should be on the team, and what will be expected of those who participate. We have also prayed for wisdom, vision, unity, and clarity of purpose. As we reviewed the makeup of our team, we consulted others that have had significant experience in a pastor search process as well as our own staff for their perspective and unique insight into and love for Storyline.

We have decided it best to select four members of our church, joining our three elders to represent our congregation on the search team. In choosing these four, we also considered the makeup of our congregation and how these four could capably represent the views and perspectives of the many families in our body. We are very pleased with the team that has come together in this call to serve. Please pray for Linda Galambos, Laura Beth Goodwin, Steve Meyerhoff, and Dan Toppen as they have humbly and graciously accepted this call to serve.

Our next step is to get the search team together and figure out meeting logistics, defining roles, setting expectations, and starting to draft our church and candidate profiles.

Please pray for the search team to be united and to have wisdom and discernment as we launch into the process of finding our next lead pastor.