Update #7 – Vetting Applicants

Update #7 – Vetting Applicants

This has been a busy season for Slingshot. They have been going through the numerous applications they have received and they are preparing to present us with our first slate of candidates by the end of January. While we process this first slate, they will continue going through applications to prepare additional slates as necessary.

Since Slingshot posted the position on their website, over one hundred applications have been submitted from all over North America. The vetting process is done for each applicant and then they are narrowed down to the ones that are the best fit for us.

The vetting process includes reviewing resumes, calling references, preliminary phone interviews, and having the candidates fill out a personal profile. After the references and profiles are confirmed, they are put through a broad filter to let the best candidates rise to the top. The top candidates will be presented to us near the end of January, and then we will start interviewing them directly and getting to know them. It’s really going to get busy for us in a few weeks!

Please pray for discernment for us. Pray for God’s voice to be clear to the search team and that we are surrounded by peace as we begin interviews. Pray that as we talk to candidates, listen to sermons, and read applications that the needs of the church overshadow our personal desires.

“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me.” (John 10:14)

Lastly, consider becoming a member of Storyline and attending one of our upcoming Discover Storyline classes. The next Lead Pastor must be voted in by a majority of members, and we want to be sure we hear from YOU!