Update #9 – Narrowing Down the Candidates

Update #9 – Narrowing Down the Candidates

GOD IS GREAT! This last month we have been busy narrowing down the candidates. We have heard from and interacted with many highly qualified dedicated servants of Christ. It became apparent that some candidates we were talking to were on a different path than Storyline – we appreciate that God gave us a brief moment with each other as our paths crossed. There were other candidates who were very clearly on a path very similar to, and in concert with, Storyline, and it was with these candidates with whom we moved forward.

The unity, passion, strength, and love that has been exhibited by our search team has been nothing short of amazing. God has been working in great ways to bring us all together to concentrate on a small number of candidates. We have conducted several video interviews, gone to the second round of interviews that would include the candidate’s wife, and we’ve also had the chance to go and visit them in person in their current ministries.

The next phase is to bring them here to Storyline to meet with the elders, the search team, and the staff directly and confirm the path that God has us following. If God confirms us to continue moving forward, we will then be bringing a candidate to you in view of a call and have him preach for us! This final step will culminate in a vote by the church membership, and it’s very important to us that you vote.

We have an upcoming Discover Storyline class on March 22 which is the first step in becoming a member, so please go to that and join us on this exciting journey.

More info will be coming out in the next several weeks, so be sure to listen for it and don’t be afraid to ask us any questions when you see us (though, there is still some information that must be kept strictly confidential to protect candidates and their ministries).

Please pray with us for wisdom as we come down this final stretch and also for patience and a reliance on God and his timing.