The Adventure Ahead

The Adventure Ahead - Storyline Fellowship - Arvada, CO

The Adventure Ahead

The adventure ahead - Storyline Fellowship - Arvada, CO

So, what is Storyline Fellowship all about? What matters to us? What are we serious about?

William Shakespeare once wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players.”  The Bible supports this wild idea, that there is a master of the universe, a personal God behind the curtain.  In love, the Creator spun a world where life is sustainable, a grand theatre in which human beings are handed prominent roles.  Indeed, history has unveiled a huge storyline.

Within our fellowship, we believe that the Bible offers the best explanation for and solution to the broken heart.  Without question, something ran amuck at the start.  Human beings went severely off course, but God did not leave us marooned. Instead, He lovingly offers to lead us on an adventure far greater, far more exciting, and far more secure than any that we could dream up or create on our own.

With compassion, deep in the annals of history, God set into motion a plan to undo the wrong that had been done.  For a few thousand years, He predicted the soon-arriving, central character of the story.  Prophets were commissioned to sound the bell, announcing the hero who would come with the clout to reverse the hurt.  In time, a humble, missionary Son emerged, a Sent One, a Savior.   Jesus came quietly on the scene about two millennia ago, and soon caused a commotion on a cross like nothing the world has ever observed.  When the chapter had closed, Jesus had created a way for all of us to know a peace that had never before been within our grasp.

Storyline Fellowship recognizes the reality that all people find themselves at various points in their journey.  We aim to create a community where everyone feels safe to share their stories – both their victories and their scars.

We strive to create a “quick to listen, slow to speak” culture, giving us all the room and the space to consider the claims of Christianity.  Storyline offers what the human heart so desperately wants: a bottomless supply of second chances, the opportunity to begin again within the safe space of a loving community.

Our gracious, loving God is also a God of great adventure, and He has invited us all to join the expedition. We would love to join with you as we live the story of our exciting and gracious God.

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