Will You Circle Four Sundays?

Will You Circle Four Sundays?

Dear Storyline:

I want to encourage you to take out your calendar (Right now!) and to draw a circle around four key Sundays that are fast-approaching: October 23 and 30, November 6 and 13. Make every effort to attend Storyline services in those weeks. Why? Because I am going to be taking ten minutes in each service to cast vision for our future. What kinds of questions will I be answering?

  • How is Storyline impacting the community?
  • What stories of life-change give witness to the work of God in our midst?
  • How long do we plan to be portable and when do we hope to have our own building?
  • What is the financial situation regarding the land we purchased on 86th and Indiana?
  • What is coming up in the next 12 months that we should prepare for?


All these questions and more will be addressed in our worship services in late October/early November. I can’t wait to share the exciting things that have been happening behind-the-scenes and to shed light on the unfolding vision.

Thank you for being a part of this inaugural season of Storyline’s life. I hope that you feel as blessed as I do to be involved in it.

Circle those dates!

– Ben