When We Won’t Serve Others

When We Won’t Serve Others

Simple Storyline PlateAt Storyline, we see four portions on the ministry plate. We make four “asks” of our members:

  1. Participate in a worship service
  2. Plug into a Home Group
  3. Serve in a ministry
  4. Practice the art of neighboring



What happens when a person enjoys the weekly service, hangs out with their home group, and spends quality time with their neighbors BUT refuses to join a ministry team?

When we don't serve


When Ministry To Others is Removed

The Bible describes the church as a body with many members. A diseased body has non-functioning parts—an arm that doesn’t lift, a leg that doesn’t move, a heart that doesn’t pump. In the same way, God designed the church with a diversity of gifts. No person gets all the gifts and every person must rely on others to be whole. Get the point? God created you with certain voids so that you would have to be served. In the same way, God has given you special gifts that add great value to the lives of others.

I am convinced that ministry to others is the fuel that ignites spiritual growth. Memorizing Scripture and hearing strong sermons will grow your heart for God, but serving on a regular basis will grow your heart for people. And Jesus said that people will know that we are Christians by our love. We cannot refuse the call to serve, allowing others to take the hits on the front lines while we remain under the tent reading the map.

Have you joined a ministry team at Storyline? Are you open to serving in areas where we need more help? If so, email serve@storylinefellowship.com and enlist for service! You were made for ministry and God is calling you!