The Storyline Institute is a one-year discipleship program that immerses participants into a deep discipleship program in the context of the local church. The program’s curriculum seeks to equip believers in three areas of discipleship—Christian Story, Christian Belief, and Christian Formation. By weaving together these three elements into a holistic approach to discipleship, men and women have the opportunity to grow in their love for God, Scripture, and His mission. The class meets once a week over two semesters. Class sessions are comprised of lecture, cohort discussion, and formation exercises.


The Institute curriculum is built around three fundamental aspects of Christian discipleship: Christian Story, Christian Belief, and Christian Formation. During the program, we’ll spend a significant amount of time in Scripture examining the God who came to establish His kingdom. We will also study the doctrines believers have held to throughout the history of the church and we will consider together how our participation in the Christian story invites us into a life of worship and mission.


An important component of the Institute will be participating in a table cohort of approximately 8 people. Because we believe in the nature of doing theology in community, the year will be spent in conversation with the cohort about what is learned in class. Making a commitment to the cohort is a foundational part of the learning experience.


Participants in the Institute will be asked and held accountable to faithfully attend class and complete assignments throughout the duration of the program from August to May. Each week will hold required reading from the Scriptures and/or printed materials, as well as additional books spread throughout the course. Participants will be expected to complete written assignments as well as doctrinal statements throughout the program.


The program lasts one year, with a fall semester (August–December) and a spring semester (January–May). The Institute will take place at Storyline Fellowship on Wednesdays from 6:30 p.m.– 8:30 p.m.


The cost of the Institute is $300 and the cost of the seminary track is $1,500. There are limited scholarships available upon request.


Applications are open from May 16 – June 6.



How long is registration open for?

The last day to apply for the 2021 – 2022 Institute is June 6th.


What does the Institute look like day to day?

Each week, participants can expect 2-3 hours of reading and homework and will be required to attend the weekly class on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.


Do you have to be a member of Storyline to apply?

The Institute is primarily for our members, but membership is not a requirement.


Who is the seminary track for and how is it different?

The seminary track is designed for those that want to go deeper in their learning and formation. It will be about double the reading, double the assignments, and a bit more technical in overall scope. Those that complete the seminary track will receive 21 credits to Southern Seminary.


Is the Institute available online?

No. This class is for in-person learning only.


Will childcare be available?

It is not offered at this time, but we are working to find a solution for the fall.

Have a question or need more information? Contact Caitie Gross.